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Do you know that 95% of Investor Relation firms have no idea of what they are doing???

At the "Spotlight" we feel "Equity Strategy is real
and we know what needs to be done and how to do it!

I can't count how many times I see companies throw money right out the window. Exposing your company to investors is a necessary evil, but this does not mean wasting money doing it the wrong way. Investors rarely listen to tape recordings, or company videos and just setting on some IR or PR site collecting dust is not the way either. Since I see the wrong way most of the time, the time to contact the "Stocks in the Spotlight" is now.
  • Do you know when your company has too many shares trading?
  • Do you know when to use IR versus PR?
  • Do you know that IR firms are strictly "short term"?
  • Do you posses a good understanding of the "short" market in lower priced stocks?
  • Do you know that most IR firms have little understanding of the "short" market?
  • Do you know when to raise money and how many shares to issue to accomplish the near term goal?
  • Do you have any idea of which "IR" or "PR" firm is best for your individual company's needs?
  • Do you know that only "new" investors move a stock higher?
  • Do you know the best way to find "new" investors?


The Stocks in the Spotlight has years of experience in the "trading" and "marketing" of public companies. We have learned what the investor and his/her stockbroker are looking for, as well as the many methods of exposing a stock to the investment community, especially the vast world of the Internet.

We understand the many various methods of funding needed by young public companies and which method is best for the "now" circumstances.

We are aware the "average" Investor Relations firm has not changed with time and, when speaking of newer low priced stocks they no longer have the kind of stockbroker base required for today's markets.

We understand there are times to get stockbrokers involved and times when it may be best to wait before introducing them to your company, and in stead, go after the individual investor.

If you are corporation leader, an "honest" Investor Relations firm or Public Relations, representing a quality company and wishing to consider our services, please contact us so we may design a special program for your special needs.

We may be reached via email by clicking here,

J.R. Budke
Stocks in the Spotlight

We invite you to visit our site at, we believe you will be impressed.

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