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By selecting the Stocks in the Spotlight as your consultant for the stock market community, you will finally be heading in the right direction. We will:

  • Negotiate with various IR firms, so your company will receive the maximum in benefits;
  • Negotiate with various media representatives, so your company will receive maximum exposure;
  • Assist in the selection of the most cost effective methods of reaching investors and/or stockbrokers;
  • Assist in the decision making for the best methods of acquiring new funds, via limited partnerships, warrants, options, secondary offerings, etc.;
  • Assist in helping your company achieve it's short and long term goals;
  • Complete a profile on your company and post it on the Stocks in the Spotlight site in a special category, where it will have an opportunity to be viewed by thousands of potential investors each month; and
  • Send important news on your company to our always growing email members.

There is a time to target investors and a time to target stockbrokers, and not necessarily at the same time.

The "Stocks in the Spotlight" has provided a source for knowing a large number of IR firms, offering us the opportunity to select the correct one for your company's special needs, at a time when needed.

It has also offered us the opportunity to learn much about the Internet investor and the proper methods to market this giant "new" source of investors.

As your equity strategist, we believe the "Stocks in the Spotlight" will handle all your marketing and exposure needs better than anyone and achieve maximum return for your 'stock' marketing budget. We have the experience and knowledge required to assist your company at becoming successful at reaching thousands of investors.

Please feel free to contact us so we may design a special program for your company's special needs.

Best regards,

J.R. Budke

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