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I want to thank you for your interest in the "Stocks in the Spotlight" and my choice of Powin Energy. I have been writing about stocks and the market for 36 years and I hope you enjoy your visit:

In the last year I recommended Fonar (FONR) at $9.10 and it is currently trading at $23.78!
In the last year I recommended Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) at $1.61 and it is currently trading at $6.70!
Now I am recommending Powin Energy (PWON) at $0.30 and I expect it will trade over $?.?? within the next year!

POWIN ENERGY (PWON) 52 wk H/L is $0.30 - $1.70.

Currently $0.20 X $0.51 - last $0.30

Powin Energy (PWON ) may very possibly be my best pick ever, and yours to!
Treat PWON like a new issue with very few shares available at the current price.
Get in now as this stock is going to move easily and quickly

I believe PWON is a "right place, right time" investment. PWON is truly one of those young companies where the stock price can climb quickly and stay up once it climbs. From $0.30 to $?.?? near term is a strong possibility and I am probably not far off.

Seldom do I run across a company that is trading so low in price with so much going on.

Although Powin Corporation has been around for many years the battery storage business has moved to the front of the line, and it should. Battery storage is an industry that can only grow and with Powin Energy's patented battery storage products we as investors have an opportunity to get involved with Powin in the early stages.

If you want to experience Powin Energy visit the website. You will not only find an interesting site but you will also be treated with knowledge of products and concepts. This is one website you owe it to yourself to visit simply because there is much to much for me to put in this short recommendation.

Yes I am recommending PWON as a stock to own, and even more so in this current overvalued stock market. I believe PWON offers all of us an chance to ride the waves of the market no matter how big the storm gets. PWON is a nice place to be.

Because of the low float, and a price currently at the low, the stock will not be easy to get, therefore the early bird has a chance at the worm. I would not waste too much time getting in because this stock will climb quickly, making anything under a buck a great buy.

Also,  another reason get in soon is I expect quite a bit of strong news over the next couple of months. I am looking for "many more" contracts over the next year, making PWON possibly one of the fastest growing companies of 2016-17.

You can read the past news announcements by visiting PWON's website.  Clicking here will take you there.

I hope you enjoy my story about Powin Energy , but don't miss out on this one. Get in now as there will be very few shares available under ?.?? !

JR Budke

Contact Information:

Powin Corporation
20550 SW 115th Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
United States - Map
Phone: 503-598-6659
Website: http://www.powin.com

Email: contact@powin.com

Financial Links
Historical Price Data

Powin Corporation's Website
Home Page

Key Facts

MRQ - 12/31//15


Contract Manufacturing





Price 8/15/13:

Last trade - $0.30

52 wk High:10-22-15


52 wk Low: 03-24-16


Shs. Outstand:

12/31/15 -- 16.26M

Shs. Float:

Est. 12/31/15  -- 2.9M

Mkt. Cap. Mrq:

7/7/16 - 4.88M


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Powin Energy POWIN


Powin Energy

With a visionary investment from leading green-tech capital fund SFCE, Powin Energy set out to create dynamic energy storage solutions.  

Our proprietary Battery Energy Storage System (B.E.S.S.) advances Powin Energy’s mission and battles global energy inefficiencies head-on.

Every BESS is layered with
performance and safety in mind.

Click Here To Learn More
The BESS is already at work
for our visionary partners.

Click Here To Learn More

About Powin Energy

Powin Energy - (OTC-BB) (PWON), was originally named Powin Corporation ("Powin") and was formed as an Oregon corporation on November 15, 1990 by Joseph Lu, a Chinese-American. Powin Corporation currently manufactures over 2,000 products. Since the early days of Powin Energy aggressive growth was in store for a company loaded with talent, great products and a strong future.

There is much to  learn by visiting Powin Energy's web site.  
Click here to go there. A new page will open so we will be here when you are done

A Top Notch Management Team

Powin Energy has one of the most experienced management teams we could hope for. 

For over two decades Powin Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products for the globalized world.

With an experienced staff of design, logistics, engineering, and manufacturing experts, Powin has delivered high-quality products for its clients for over twenty years.

Turning its focus to energy solutions, Powin Energy is leveraging their deep industrial knowledge to address the world’s growing need to provide more efficient and intelligent energy sources.

Powin Energy Corporation

Powin Energy, a subsidiary of Powin Corporation (OTC-BB: PWON), is a leading designer and developer of safe and scalable battery energy storage solutions, based on its patented Battery Pack Operating System (bp-OS), for utility, microgrid and EV fast-charging applications. Over 100 years of collective energy and engineering experience goes into every Powin Energy battery storage system. Powin Energy's patented bp-OS helps extend the life of batteries by actively and reactively balancing battery functions down to the cell level. It also provides critical insight into battery system functions and lifespan via its proprietary Battery Odometer and Warranty Tracker™. For more information, visit http://PowinEnergy.com/.

With a visionary investment from leading green-tech capital fund SFCE, Powin Energy set out to create dynamic energy storage solutions. 

Powin Energy's proprietary Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) advances Powin Energy’s mission and battles global energy inefficiencies head-on.

Energy Storage For Grids And Microgrids

    Solar - Wind - For Microgrids - For Power Producers

Learn More

Commercial & Industrial
Emergency Management - Seamless Solar Integration
Larger Format Scaling - Flexible Financing

Learn More

Resource Adequacy - Grid Regulation - Targeted Demand Response
Off-Grid Applications - T&D Deferral - Renewables Integration

Learn More

Clicking on each headline will take you to the rest of the story.
It will open a new page so we will be here when you are finish.

Well worth your time to read the announcements

Powin Energy & Intel

Bonneville Power Administration Case Study

Meet B.E.S.S.
Battery Energy Storage Systems

B.E.S.S. Battery Energy System


A Brain Behind Every Battery
Battery cells are the smallest components of the BESS and contain the actual battery chemicals.
 Each BESS can have thousands of cells, which comprise the building blocks for the entire system


Strength in Numbers
Modules protect a group of cells from being strained to heavily.
Each module comes with a controller that balance charges across its particular selection of cells.


The Core Of BESS
Modules are connected together into PACs to scale to a wide range of power cup acids these pack units have a dedicated
controller,  ensuring that the modules behind each pack work together just as efficiently as the cells inside.


Battery String

Scaling Energy

Once all of the cells are aggregated into modules and packs they form a complete string.
Multiple battery packs make critical decisions in unison as each reports takes charge,
voltage, temperatures, and other critical data to the BMS


Battery Energy Storage Systems

We then take multiple strings of batteries and compile them under a unified battery management system: the Powin BESS.
The BESS software gauges the information each system element passes up the chain, making the most
of every computational cycle and working together with broader energy managers with ease

 Recent News

Click here to read all the news announcements.

In My Opinion

A Ground Floor Opportunity

Powin Energy offers the early bird a giant worm. I don't often have an opportunity to introduce a "Featured Spotlight" stock of such quality, that has new and exciting products in the energy storage field that no one knows about.

We have:

The opportunity to invest in a growing company

  • led by a very experienced team;
  • on the edge of exploding its customer base;
  • over $10 million in revenue in the last 4 Q's and I am expecting this to explode; 
  • with a very low float ($2.71M) enabling the stock to climb easily and quickly;
  • and a chance to own a piece of the future.
In announcing its new patent, Powin touted two industry first: the Battery Odometer and the Warranty Tracker.  The odometer tracks the batteries operations and gives insight into remaining life, while the tracker helps protect against use that could jeopardize the warranty.

Powin,s flagship product is a shipping container that offers 500 kilowatt hours (kWh) of storage capacity. Powin delivers it, puts it on a slab, and ties it into the system.

With the new patients, combined with a growing global need for battery storage, the future for Powin Energy promises to be something to we should be part of.

There is so much to learn about Powin Energy that there is just not enough room here and I strongly recommend that you visit the Powin Energy website for a very interesting experience.

An Important Message

Powin Energy is sponsoring a longer term investor awareness advertising program. The Stocks in the Spotlight never charges to recommend a stock, therefore any fees paid the Stocks in the Spotlight would be for advertising cost only. I feel a strong marketing program will introduce Powin Energy to many investors allowing the stock to move higher where it belongs.

I believe that if we keep a good story like Powin Energy in front of new investors consistently, new investors will continue to buy and the stock will climb up the ladder. Once a shareholder in this one, it will be difficult to know when to sell. Right now taking a long term prospective would be the better bet.

This is why I say -- Buy here and buy now!


There is much to learn by visiting Powin Corporation's web site.
A link has been provided below for
Powin's Home Page

Click Here To Visit Powin Energy,s Web Site

I'm J.R. Budke and this is my opinion!

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