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"Stocks To Watch"

"Stocks To Watch" are some of our favorite choices for the current market
with most having established trading ranges. We try to work with-in
the trading range and feel this group of stocks are active
stocks and are worth taking a closer look

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The prices below are the closing prices on the last trading day
of each week and are compared to the closing price the week before.
Closing prices on Friday, February 23, 2018

Discount to the 52 week high on the major indices

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (52 week range 9.70 -15.65 ), now at $12.07 up from $11.82 last week.

AMD recently expanded its desktop processor lineup with new processors that deliver superior performance, features, and near-silent operations. A couple of new processors (A10-7890K and Athlon X4 880K) offer increasingly powerful processor options available for anyone seeking outstanding gameplay and power efficiency for their desktop PC.

AMD might just turn into a company that is exactly what we want — a company that’s figured out how to harness growth, while cutting down its debt and boosting margins? Overall revenue for 2017 jumped 25%, while analysts are looking for another 18% increase in 2018. They also expect earnings to more than double from 17 cents per share to 39 cents per share in fiscal 2018. In 2019, forecasts call for EPS of 54 cents.

Also, recently we heard that Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has been quietly working on a program to help Tesla Inc. design its own self-driving car chips. Tesla (TSLA) previously said it wants to own the major parts of its supply chain, so that it doesn't have to rely on partners for expensive and hard-to-get components.,

AMD’s new GPUs are going head to head with rival Nvidia Corporation’s (NASDAQ:NVDA) and winning in price and performance. Meanwhile, AMD is stealing market share from semiconductor giant Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) on multiple fronts, with Epyc outperforming Intel Broadwell server chips and Ryzen is grabbing market share from Intel’s Core PC lineup.

The price of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. moved up a bit this past week but still closing under the $12 level and still a bit too high to buy.

We could see AMD continue to climb back from the big sell off because this one does tend to follow the markets, but if the  correction returns we could see more downside. A best guess would be to wait for something lower before entry.

This stock tends to follow the market.

Hold here! If "bullish" in under $9 !

"Take Some Profits Here or Buy Insurance With PUTS"
"A Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock"

Cisco Systems ( CSCO ) (52 week range 30.36 - 45.13), now at $44.00, off from $44.33 last week. Recent new 52-week high. This Dow Jones Industrial Average stock (replaced GM).

CSCO is a very well-liked company and a very active stock. Recent earnings reports came in over estimates, always a good sign. Investors tend to buy any time the stock falls, but it will be the months ahead we have to worry about.

CSCO has turned the corner in a painful transition, with the first quarter of revenue growth since 2016 showing success in the networking giant’s quest to become a subscription-based business.

The stock has been trading in a tight range (new 52 week high), but seems to have a bit of trouble climbing out of it. The major correction could easily bring the $25 level.

If we look at all the pieces we have a stock that should trade around $27, making the current price a bit too rich for entry here
. The current is PE 20.59. The stock lost about $3.50 in  the latest crash.
Lighten up here with a best entry under $27!

A "Featured" "Spotlight Stock"


Comtech Telecommunications ( CMTL ) (52 week range 10.95 - 23.90), now at $22.52, up from $21.88 him last week. Our original buy under $4, in 2003, carried all the way to over $50 and split twice along the way. CMTL has become a stock to own for the long term again after falling back so far.

Comtech reported fiscal third-quarter net income of $4.4 million, on revenue of $127.8 million in the period, after reporting a loss in the same period a year earlier. On a per-share basis, net income was 19 cents. Comtech expects full-year earnings to be 67 cents per share. The current PE of 31.90 is too high for entry.

Comtech, which makes equipment used in satellite and other mobile communications systems, has a stronger cash  position and has been receiving new contracts repeatedly. The stock is up over 100% in the last 52 weeks. A "best guess" is a move to near $25 with not too much downside.

 Hold Here! Buy when under $14 !

A "Giant Winner" "Spotlight Stock"
Fonar Corp. ( FONR ) (52 week range 17.20 - 33.90), now at $26.20, up from $25.80 last week. I first started following Fonar in 1982 and have followed it every day since. The stock is very liquid, as it usually trades strong volume daily. Great products would be the reason to own this stock, but play it short-term only.

With so many years behind it, the best MRI scanner on the planet, far less shares because of a reverse split a couple of years ago is the real reason for this stock to be one of the best performers this decade, and it did all in a few years.

Fonar released it's 1st Q results:

  • Total Revenues - Net for the quarter ended September 30, 2017, increased 3% to $19.3 million as compared to $18.7 million for the corresponding quarter ended September 30, 2016.
  • Net Income for the quarter ended September 30, 2017, increased 2% to $4.6 million as compared to $4.5 million for the corresponding quarter ended September 30, 2016.
  • Diluted Net Income per Common Share Available to Common Stockholders was $0.54 for both the quarter ended September 30, 2017, and the corresponding quarter ended September 30, 2016.
It was a great ride and still is if in near the low end of the range. The stock fell from $27 to under $10, started up again and never looked back. The current PE is 9.04.

As far as the trading range goe
s, the stock fell under 20 in January/17 and reached a low of 17.45 in mid April and had worked its way higher to over $33 a share but fell like a rock a few weeks ago with no real news telling us why. Even with the low PE I believe the stock still might be a bit too high to buy.

If wanting in it would be best to get closer to $20 !

Intel Corporation( INTC ) (52 week range 33.23 - 50.85 ), now at $47.73 up from $45.56 last week. Intel is a great company to own for the longer term but too high to buy. The stock fell off a cliff after reaching the 52 week high in December, but bottomed out in February at just under $28 and has been climbing since.

Intel announced earnings that beat estimates and it sent the stock soaring.

The current PE is 23.98 leaving a little room to climb with an average PE near 25 on the S&P 500. Too high for entry here. If the markets correct so will this one.

Lighten up if over $45!


Buy This Stock - You Heard It Here First

Powin Energy - (OTC-BB) (PWON
(52 week range 1.18 - 5.00 ), now at $2.15, off from $2.50 last week. Powin was formed as an Oregon corporation on November 15, 1990. Powin Energy is the new company due to a recent merger between Powin Corp nd Powin Energy. "ENERGY STORAGE" I believe will put Powin Energy on the map.

My new "Top Pick" recently had a patent approved on it's "Battery Pack Operating System". This system is used in Energy Storage and EV Charging stations (Electric Vehicle), but it is only two of the reasons that give us a peek at the future. NEWS

The stock trades by appointment and if you do not already have one I suggest you make one ASAP. The stock fell slow and easy after a reverse 3 years ago (before it was Powin Corp.) and found a bottom at $0.30. The float is under 2 mil shares and every one still owns the stock higher even after moving up. Make sure to visit the website. It is well done and explains the story in detail. You will learn so much more about this story. Clicking here will take you there.

Recent news tells us PWON has secured construction to term project financing from leading renewable power company Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. ( TSX : BEP.UN ) ( NYSE : BEP ) for its 8.8 MW/40.8 MWh Stratford Energy Storage Project in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Clicking
here will take you there.

Just a few months ago PWON signed a contract with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) for a 6.5 MW/26 MWh battery energy storage system project.The project is finished and operating. Its located in an historic orange processing facility in Escondido, California, where it is efficiently integrating with the electrical grid and enhance electricity reliability.

This is big news and is only the 3rd contract of I am sure will be many. The contract could be worth several million dollars. Clicking here will take you there.

I see a much higher price in the near future. The stock is quoted $3.50, off from a $5.00, on only a small amount of shares. The market makers have no shares, which is why it will move up so easy.

I suggest putting in a bid a little bit higher than the current bid and hope to find a seller, or buy a small amount of shares at the offer (a small amount is all that is available anyway.) Don't miss out on this one. The "sky" is the limit. The recent jump in price can be expected but on such small volume the stock backed off again and again is a great buy.

Buy Here !

"Lighten Up Here"

QCOM) (52 week range 48.92 - 69.28), now at $63.32, off
from $64.85 last week. A very active stock, a fast growing company and a great industry. The stock is active and stays strong even in down markets.
QCOM is setting on $37.31 billion in cash with a book value at $20.86 with cash per share at $25.31. The price to book is only 3.26 for the most recent quarter. The PE of 41.53 leaving not enough room to grow with the average S&P PE overpriced at around 20 -25. A positive would be the forward PE is only 17.81.

The stock has climbed too high for entry. Anytime we can come in near the 52 week low there is a strong chance we will own a money maker. Nice company to own on pullbacks.

Buy when under $50 !

Symantec Corp. ( SYMC) ( 52 week range 24.94 - 34.20), now $27.43, off from $27.55 last week. SYMC helps our computers run better ( Norton ) and one of the leaders in computer virus protection.

The stock topped out at the end of January, bottomed at $23.28 at the end of March, but stopped near $25, worked right back down to the $20 area before turning back up in reaching new highs. In my opinion the stock is still too pricey here.
Enter on pullbacks with best entry under $25!

- Nice Long-Term Stock -
Big Winner for the us
TetraTech (TTEK) ( 52 week range 38.85 - 53.40), now at $50.25  up from $4.25 last week. A very nice young company in a great industry (Technical Services). Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction, and technical services addressing the resource management and infrastructure markets.

The Pentagon, with the U.S. Department of Defense awarding only four contracts last year worth a total of just $87.6 million. And yet, the small volume of contracts available just made tiny project management firm Tetra Tech’s (NASDAQ:TTEK) wins look bigger by comparison.

TTEK has approximately 10,000 employees worldwide.

The current price is right near the 52 week high which is too high for entry considering the PE is 21.05. A major correction could bring the stock down near $30. The stock almost 1/2 of the $6 lost 2 weeks ago..

Consider lightening up anything over $50 with entry anytime under $30 !

Possible short-term profit with entry anytime under $.25 a share!

Starting to move now
Strong chance for a good short-term profit

Visualant Inc. (VSUL) (52 Week Range - 0.01 - 0.04 (pre-reverse) 52 Week Range - $0.11 - $18.00 (post-reverse) ), now at $0.3395, up from $0.3293. This stock is dangerous anywhere, but could be a big money maker if we can catch the next move.

Visualant, Inc. designs scanning devices made with electronic, optical, and software parts to produce and capture the light in the United States. VSUL is involved in all types of ID products, even the badge many workers wear to get into work.

The recent 1 for 150 share reverse (cheated all shareholders that believed in this company) left only about 1.8 million shares trading as the stock fell from over $9 dollars to the current under $0.20.

I don't know where the bottom might be but this is a terrible company for the shareholder and should only be played. There is a strong chance the stock is near the low and up quick would be the norm.

Last March Visualant announced another non-brokered private offering at $.70 a share. This was dated March 6, 2017 meaning six months from that date (September 6, 2017) the private investors could sell. Sorry for the Private investor because the stock fell to far too fast for them to get out. Expect another big run for a pump and dump anytime so make sure you're in before then. We can make money playing the pump & dump on the stock. My best guess is the stock will climb to somewhere near the $0.90 area.

I hope you got out when it was over $9! Buy here for a "big" short term profit!

Zimtu Capital Corp. - TSX Exchange (ZC.V) -- 52 week high/low is 0.15 X 0.40 -- Last is low 0.20's (Canadian)

Avoid this company as their spokesperson thinks Pump & Dump is the best thing a company can do. All this means is they love to cheat investors. Any company that supports the Pump & Dump is not worthy of our time.

Shop for the bargains in the secondary stocks for potentially bigger profits. Many of the smaller stocks offer a greater opportunity for bigger profits. Looking there might be the place to be. Smaller stocks will move around on their own merits and not so much due to the changing economic situations.


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