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The Stocks in the Spotlight newsletter was first published January 1, 1990,
and has been designed for the "active" investor

I first became a stockbroker, October, 1981, I was of a different crop, always wanting to follow many different price ranges of stocks and technical charting.  I kept this independent thinking the entire time as a broker, until resigning in December of 2000, almost twenty years later.

the years progressed I became an "Registered Options Principle" for a major "Wire House" (a brokerage firm with seats on the major exchanges), a "National Sales Manager" responsible for the hiring and training of stockbrokers and the hands on management of the Trading & Market Making for the firm. I also ran my own branch office for several years.

I have extensive experience in all aspects of trading stocks to include:
  • Stock & Index Option trading;
  • Trading & Market Making of small stocks;
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO's) for new companies;
  • Advertising, paper form and Internet;
  • Consulting to public companies;
  • and, equity strategy.

I have a solid understanding of how stocks trade, what events may cause stocks to rise, or fall, and the many consequences of the quantity & quality of average daily volume. I have great knowledge of the short market in low priced stocks, a trait I find almost makes me an outcast.

What You Will Find On The "Stocks in the Spotlight" Web Site !

What, you will find on the  "Stocks in the Spotlight" web site are the things I use everyday to assist me in understanding where the markets, and the many stocks I follow are going. Since they move together, they stay together, and it helps to know what both are doing.

My specialty is stocks of all price ranges. I have followed IBM everyday for 30 years, as one example. I believe in looking for, and finding, the big percent gainers, found in many stocks, but primarily small stocks.

An example of my work would be a buy recommendation I placed on AMD (the chip company) at $4, followed by a sell at $40, only to place another buy on AMD a couple of years later at $1.75 and watched it move to over $164.

You will find many pages catering to the indices. My DOW 30 page covers the entire 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but at a discount to the 52 week high. Sort of a reverse way of looking at these 30 powerhouses. One reason is it shows us the biggest bargain at a quick glance.

Basically, you see what I see and that's it in a nutshell. The site is free because I use advertising programs to fund the site and don't believe you should have to pay for my opinion, although, believe me, I am worth it. The markets are all I have done for the last 43 years and I tell it how it is.

You will also find information on things I feel are important, such as what a Pump & Dump operations is, who it hurts and how to recognize one. They are fast ways of getting shammed out of our hard earned dollars.

You will find companies I am recommending, big ones and small ones, but you will also find hidden giants, stocks I am running long term advertising programs for. These are young companies that few know about but have "what-I-feel" have tremendous potential of returns big profits. This is what I do. I give you the straight talk and let you run with it.

This is also the biggest and best part of the site. It is great to know which way the markets are heading, but it is even better knowing a stock that will climb several hundred percent. This is my specialty and I hope you enjoy learning about my hidden giants and seeing the things I see.

I wish you the best of luck on all your investments!


JR Budke

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Stocks in the Spotlight

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