Stocks in the Spotlight
"Internet Marketing"

We get asked all the time by companies,
"Do we really need a Website?"

Our answer is, not unless you are going to promote and market it every
chance you get. Many companies are under the impression that all they have
to do is build a Website than set back and watch business grow.
Any company that feels this way is badly mistaken.

After more than thirty three years, nineteen years as a stockbroker and twenty two years as a publisher of the Stocks in the Spotlight, we feel the Spotlight just may be the very answer you have been looking for when introducing your company to so many potential investors.

Internet promotion involves specially designed articles, since the average Internet investor wants information that is quick, easy to read and easy to understand. This is where the Stocks in the Spotlight comes in to play. We have spent many hours researching various "targeted" e-mail providers and, combined with previous email campaigns, we have learned much about reaching investors using the Internet.

Using targeted e-mail, your company will be able to make the most out of the dollar. The ability to reach such a refined audience, for less than the cost of an envelope, is what Internet e-mail is all about.

With only about ten (10) percent of stockbrokers in America able to buy stocks under $5.00 and only three (3) percent able to buy low priced stocks, it has become a total waste of time and money pursuing this type of marketing.

The Stocks in the Spotlight is all you need to handle your company's Internet marketing. Just drop us a line by clicking here and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

J.R. Budke
Stocks in the Spotlight

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