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- Futures -
 November -- 16 -- 2018


December 2018
($US per Troy Oz.)
Week Ending


Closing price
on the week


December 2018
(per 100 Troy Oz.)
Week Ending


Closing price
on the week

Silver futures

January  2019
($US per Troy Oz.)
Week Ending


Closing price
on the week

Old Yeller closed at $1,222.00, up $12.00 on the week and off -$13.40 for November. Silver came in up $0.26 on the week, closing at 14.39, with resistance at $20 and support at $14.

Closing monthly gold prices.

up $39.00 for January,
up $67.00 for February,
off -$10.60 for March,
up $22.10
for April,
off -$2.80 for May,
off -$33.40 for June,
up $27.60
for July,
up $27.50
for August,
off -$14.00 for September,
off -$7.90 for October,
up $12.70
for November,
up $17.80
for December.
up $43.60 for January,
off -$18.20 for February,
off -$3.20 for March,
off -$3.20 for April,
off -$23.50 for May,
off -$46.40 for June,
off -32.00
for July,
off -15.30 for August,
off -10.79 for September,
up +39.20 for October.

The metals were lower on the week mostly due to a threat of possible trade war, another increase in interest rates and a strong labor market telling us the economy is still moving forward at a strong pace. I do not believe there is much higher ground ahead for the Metals unless the economy were to take a turn for the worse. Silver closed over the $14 support level for 14 weeks with the last time under $14 on 1/15/16. If wanting into the metals waiting a bit longer might be the better bet.

The total gain/loss for the entire year:

2011 at $1568.80,up $147.40 (10.37%),
at $1655.90, up $89.10 (5.69%);
at $1202.30, off -$453.60 (-27.30%);
at $1184.10, off -$18.20 (-1.51%);
at $1060.50, off -$123.60 (-9.50%) and
2016, at $1152.00,  up +$91.50 (+7.94%)
2017, at $1305.10,  up +$153.10 (+13.28%)

Gold closed back under the $1300 level for week 23 after staying over it for 2 weeks, and back over the $1200 level for week 7 after staying under it for 1 week. Last time under $1200 lasted 75 weeks.


British Pound
(In US Dollars)

Week Ending

Closing price

on the week
(0.7794) pounds for the dollar)

The Pound vs the Dollar

(In US Dollars)

Week Ending

Closing price

on the week
(0.8757) euro for the dollar)

The euro vs the dollar

Japanese Yen
(In US Dollars)

Week Ending

Closing price

on the week
(112.80) yen for the dollar)

The yen vs the dollar

The dollar was mixed against the currencies mostly due to strong employment numbers and strong economic numbers.  The yen had been outperforming the rest, but currently under resistance at .0090 leaving the next support at .0084 and next resistance at.0090 The euro has remained over the dollar for 795 straight weeks.

It seems the dollar is mostly caught in a trading range because of the growing Pres. Trump economy. I expect the dollar to remain mixed for a bit longer but increase due to inflation fears and I would expect oil to work higher and metals to work lower.

The Feds have a major problem with the Federal Reserve just itching to increase interest rates. (They increased rates again a few weeks ago and threatened many more.)


- 2018
($US per bbl.)
Week Ending


Closing price

Future oil prices

Friday's close (December's futures) is $56.83 -3.00 a barrel, versus the week before at $59.83. 139 weeks ago, 1.15.16, was the first time under $30 since 10.31.03 when it closed at $29.11. The record "weekly" closing high is $145.08 a barrel on 7/11/08.

Oil prices closed over the $50 level for week 57 after staying under it for 1 week and under the $60 level after for week 2 after staying over at for 39 weeks after staying under for 1 week and under $70 for week 44 after staying over it for 4 weeks. There is resistance at $60 per barrel with support at $45. Recent news tells us there appears to be much oil available, but recent inflationary concerns in the good old USA along with higher interest rates and a trade war has helped move the price of oil higher. I'm betting the price per barrel won't climb too much higher.

Currently due to the confusion in oil-producing countries it is impossible to solve the near-term direction. I just don't believe that the higher prices are going to hold too long because there is more oil out there than we can use.

Oil prices effect the entire world because, in one way or another, we all use oil

Crude Oil prices were at a low of $11.26 a barrel in February of 1999.

I'm J.R. Budke and this is my opinion!

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J.R. Budke has been a stock broker since 1981, an options principle since 1982 and a branch office manager since 1987. He is currently inactive as a stockbroker as of 12/31/99. J.R. has been writing the articles and opinions for the Stocks in the Spotlight, in conjunction with the editor B.G. Santos, since 1990. The stories and stocks found on this site, or any "Stocks in the spotlight" written material, are the opinions of J.R. Budke unless other wise stated and are opinions only and are not to be construed as advice. You should not purchase any stocks solely on the opinions found on the "Stocks in the Spotlight's" web site or in any of it's written material. You should also be aware that options are not for everybody and carry a high degree of risk. You should always consult with your broker or investment advisor before purchasing any stock.

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