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A Spotlight Favorite might be a stock I have followed for many years, or possibly a new stock that I have recently added to the list. It is hard to get on the list and I do not add very many but over the years the list has grown.  Although all the stocks on the list are for the long term I do believe there are times to either buy them, hold them or sell them. I do not believe in holding a stock forever because forever is a long time. Think about all the shareholders in General Motors when it filed bankruptcy. They lost everything. I do believe there is a time to sell a favorite and buy it back again when it falls. I hope you enjoy my picks as they cover a wide range of prices. If we want to get into this market we have to look for bargains in the small caps and special situations in the low-priced arena. Choose wisely! (more)

Spotlight Featured Stocks"

"Spotlight Stock"

Buy Now

Apple Inc.

( 52 week range $142.00- $233.47)

Huge - Rich - Inovative
Here To Stay

BUY anything under $160
Almost a 40% correction

"Watch Close"

Enter on pullbacks

Advanced Midro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices

( 52 week range $9.56- $34.14)


Best entry is under $10
Moving Now!


"Watch Close"

Buy Here While Under $21



Fonar Corporation (FONR)

 Fonar Corporation
(52 week range 18.98 - 30.00)

Low PE - Strrong Growth

BUY anything under $21




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