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Are you aware that only 20% of American stockbrokers are allowed
to buy a stock under $5.00, and that only 3% of American stockbrokers
are allowed to buy stocks trading under $1.00, or stocks trading on the
Bulletin Board, the Pink Sheets, or the Canadian Venture Exchange?

Advertising on the Internet has been growing at a rapid rate. The idea of reaching so many potential customers, so easy, is catching on. The big problem is in selecting the type of advertising that will return the very best response. The answer is in "sponsorship".

The key word here is "sponsorship". In short, the advertised company buys space on a specific site as opposed to banners that are distributed at random to many different places. Many random banners are being viewed by surfers that may not even be interested in the advertised product. In a "sponsorship" the advertiser is placed on a site that caters to the business the advertiser is in. A great example is a public company becoming a sponsor to the "Stocks in the Spotlight's" site. In this case everyone coming into the site is interested in stocks, therefore, the advertiser is reaching a more defined viewer and should have a much more effective campaign.

Advertising on the pages of the Stocks in the Spotlight would be considered "sponsorship". As a sponsor your company's "animated logo" would set at the top the page, in a separate frame, and everyone coming to that page would have an opportunity to see your company's ad for the entire time they stay on that page. The surfer will also have the opportunity to visit your company's web site.

An important factor in advertising is repetition. A potential investor needs to see your company name several times before he/she might decide to investigate further. The Stocks in the Spotlight sponsorship achieves this goal and increases the opportunity of reaching the potential, and ever growing, on-line investor.


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Stocks in the Spotlight Sponsorship Program

The Stocks in the Spotlight is a free and a highly refined site. It deals exclusively with stocks of all price ranges. The Stocks in the Spotlight website is by far the most effective way to expose your company to serious investors and financial professionals. We invite you to look at -- you will be impressed.

Because Stocks in the Spotlight is aggressively marketed, it is ultimately effective in showcasing special emerging growth situations like yours. Besides featuring your corporate profile, we provide five additional very important services: (1) We provide a link to your company's website - a cost effective way to increase your site's traffic; and (2) We include recent news on your company in our Current Update section of Stocks in the Spotlight on a weekly basis; (3) An animated logo of your company is placed on top of one, or more, of the Spotlight's web pages in a separate frame so that it remains in view the entire time the page is open; (4) Send important news announcements to our existing members via email; (5) Set up a targeted email program to introduce your company to thousands of potential investors (optional).

Some of the information that will be presented as a sponsor, will include:

  • Placing a Sponsorship animated logo on one of the Spotlight's pages at the top;
  • Publish a profile of your company on the site;
  • Include a link to your company's Internet site, assuring it greater activity;
  • Feature your company's important news in our e-mail distribution (a large number of investors and professionals who have specifically requested that we update them via e-mail by joining our ever growing member list). We also announce your company's sponsorship to our e-mail base once set up.

The Stocks in the Spotlight is one of the very few stock market related sites that use "targeted" email campaigns to introduce the site to new Internet surfers on a consistent basis. Your company will have the opportunity to be viewed by thousands of potential investors, at only pennies per person, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our programs are about exposing your company and its products to many "highly targeted" potential interested parties and can work along side with any promotional programs, you may already have in place.

Many programs are available depending your company's individual goals and on how many potential investors you wish to target. Please feel free to contact us so we may discuss a special program for your company needs and the cost involved.

I would very much like to hear from you concerning our program. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. You can view the web site at

Please e-mail your request, or questions, to, or you can contact us by telephone at 209-383-4647 or fax 209-383-4647.


J.R. Budke
Stocks in the Spotlight

Additional information is available by clicking on the link below and e-mailing us. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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